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Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of MarCom professionals at the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools Conference for Marketing and Communications Professionals held at the Delbarton School.

My presentation was called "Embracing the Future: How AI Can Transform K-12 School Marketing."

If you have been using AI, you know the importance of a good prompt and counter prompts. As I was working through my presentation, an attendee asked me a great question about where she could find resources that shared great prompts.

I honestly didn't have a good answer except to Google that question or ask ChatGPT itself. 🤪

On my trip back home from New Jersey, I kept thinking about the question and decided to add a new feature to this newsletter.

Each Monday, I will include a great prompt that I found that will help you use AI to be better at your job.

Kicking off this week, I've included a prompt about using AI to help you map out a Facebook Ads campaign.

Good luck, and make sure to let me know how the prompts work for you.




AI Prompt of the Week

Facebook Ad Strategy:

Please replace the area in brackets with a detailed description of your school.

[Sweet Maple School is a PK-12 day school that serves students who excel in the arts.] Generate a Facebook Ads campaign strategy to promote the school by providing copy, format, targeting, optimization, budget, and other details.

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