There's a saying in Pittsburgh: if you don't like the weather, wait an hour.

While I've always thought that phrase was funny, I experienced exactly that with the weather this past Thursday. During the day, I experienced rain, sleet, snow, incredibly high winds, dark black skies, and beautiful sunshine.

Go figure. I guess it's just a harbinger of spring.

With the thought of spring and new beginnings, my mind turned to planning, strategy, and goal setting.

You might think January 1 would have been a great time to plan, but I'll be honest. My mind wasn't there, and I was too busy just getting things done. I didn't allow myself time to pause, reflect, and do strategy work.

Actually, I've always been pretty bad at those sorts of tasks. Sure, I have goals, but I've always valued getting things done on my to-do list over spending time on reflection and similar tasks.

I'm a "Yes" person.

I would always say "Yes" to a task and get that work done, whether it was my responsibility or not. I assume that's what drew me to marketing, communications, and admissions work. I've also spoken to many folks in the same roles that I've had, and saying "Yes" seems to be a trait shared by anyone attracted to this work.

But I'm giving myself permission now to pause, consider strategies for my business, and write proper goals for my work, my relationships, and my personal life, including my hobbies.

(Regarding hobbies, I've started baking sourdough bread again. If you're interested in seeing my baking successes and failures, be sure to follow me on Instagram (, where I've switched to posting more personal and less business content.)

I share all of this to encourage you to join me in writing goals for the remainder of the year or even just for the remainder of the school year.

I want to be more intentional about where I'm going as opposed to just ending up there.

I hope you'll join me.





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