If you follow me on social media, read my blog, or have heard me talk recently, I am completely bullish on artificial intelligence (AI).

And you should be as well.

AI is not a tool that you can avoid. Please take my word for that.

About two months ago, I spoke to a group of marketing and communication professionals in New Jersey. I was surprised when multiple people approached me after the presentation to tell me they were afraid to start with AI.

I completely understand where they were coming from and reiterated that there is nothing to fear.

In that spirit, I will start sharing my favorite ways to use AI to help you become more comfortable with the tool.

My favorite way to use AI is to summarize long reports, pdfs, or chunks of text and have the AI pull out action items for me.

Here's the prompt I like to use:

TL;DR Can you please summarize the attached PDF in three paragraphs and include five action items from the report that I can implement?

To use this prompt, type it into ChatGPT, for example, and include the PDF or text you would like to have summarized.

I can't even tell you how much time this use case saves me.

Give it a try. Reply to this email and let me know how it goes and what other use cases you'd like to see.





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